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For generations, our family has been engaged in viticulture and wine making. At present we farm 38 hectares of vineyards of our own, most of them in Soltvadkert, a smaller part of which belongs to Bocsa. We are proud of the Szarvaskút dűlő where we have several hectares of contiguous area and produce the raw materials for our premium wines. We produce only Hungarian breeds or varieties that have been present in our country for a long time, such as: Irsai Olivér, Cserszegi spicy, K Shortinka, Generosa, Ezerjó, Kékfrankos. We process 8,000 cubic meters of grapes each year.





Even with his grandparents, he was in the vineyard. Among the diverse tasks of our winery, most of our time is related to viticulture. He works with great care and diligence every day in the vineyard in order to harvest the finest and highest quality bunches from the vines at harvest.


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Sándor has been involved in the winery since he was a child. He studied trade at ÁFEOSZ Secondary School of Commerce and Economics in Kecskemét, and uses this knowledge daily in the work of the winery. Managing and organizing day-to-day workflows at the winery, both in production and in commerce.




Gábor has been involved in the winery since he was a young child. Even in his teens, he already preferred the job of a winemaker. This led to a straight path to the Buudafok Winery. After that he even graduated from the College of Horticultural Engineering at Kecskemét College. Currently he is responsible for the management of the Winery and the supervision of the wine growing. In June 2019, he was honored and elected by the Hungarian Wine Academy as a member.


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Minden bor (...) társas, és igazi lényét akkor tárja fel, ha közösségben isszák.


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